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5 Common Questions That Every Beginner Have Before Playing Live Casino

Live casinos pack in a lot of excitement with every single game. But every gamer enters these lobbies with a few queries or doubts that we shall eliminate here. 

Live casino is not a new concept, and it has received a lot of warmth from punters around the world. In Cambodia, people usually look for reading reviews for live casino table games before signing up anywhere. They can do it from sites like Khmer Betting, for they offer detailed reviews and honest pointers to help the gamers. 

But all said, you may still have some crucial queries if you are going to make a debut in this live game category. Let us help you get the answers for them. 

  1. Can I get a welcome bonus in all casinos for live tables? 

Unfortunately, not all casinos offer a welcome bonus for the live table games. This said, look for popular casinos in Asia, and you will not be disappointed. Look for the welcome bonuses and check the wagering requirements the casino offers to live casino players. 

  • Will we be able to access the sites from our countries?

You will have to check your own country’s laws and treat the gamers playing from other countries’ casinos. If they do not have any restrictions, you may play at the Asian casinos. Also, look at the casino and check the countries it allows and restricts. Do not try to overlook this before opting for the same. 

  • What kind of support will I get in any Cambodian site?

The majority of the online live casinos offer you support options- including 24-hour chat support, mail support, and telephonic support. If the site does not provide 24-hour support, you might face a problem. So look for specifically these casinos to relieve you of the stress. Also, look if the casino has support in your language and English. Top Asian sites offer support in Mandarin, Chinese, Malay, and more. 

  • What should I do to learn the game in a live lobby?

It is indeed a challenge, but you cannot play for free here. These games are played in real life and by live dealers. It means the gamers will have to learn by observing how others are betting and then betting for a more significant amount when they become confident. Read the basic guidelines online before betting any lobby for playing Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, or even Dragon Tiger. 

  • How fast can I expect the payout?

Many factors decide the speed of the payout. Firstly, if you bet and use bitcoin for betting, expect the payout to happen instantly. It will include a lightning speed of withdrawal processing. On the other hand, the processing might take from a few minutes to 48 hours if you opt for a credit card or debit card. It varies from one casino to the other. Also, check the bank or the currency you are using or the banks you use. Banks and countries might set their specific restrictions, and these all might take additional time before the money reaches your account. 

These are the basic queries that everyone might have the first time they approach when they want to play in an Asian site. 

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