How to Play Blackjack – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

What are some basic rules you must know before playing the Blackjack?

You should not play insurance while you are not counting the cards and if the dealer has the blackjack, then there is neither win nor loss situation, it’s neutral. You must check the up card of the dealer before taking any step and all the game depends on the dealer. If you find that the dealer is playing fast, then you should not sit in the first base seat and the middle seat can give you some time in thinking and observing the game’s status well.

What are some best tips to follow while playing the blackjack?

Memory is everything in this game and you must remember the right time when you should hit on the options of a hit, stand, split, surrender and double down. Stand when you have 12 to 16 numbers in your hand and while the 2 to 6 numbers in the dealer’s hands. You must hit when you have 12 to 16 numbers in your hand and there is 7- Ace in your dealer’s hands. The better option is to buy a basic strategy card so that you do not need to remember everything.

What are some important things that you should not do while playing the blackjack?

The first and foremost thing is to never tell other players how to play the game. And if you find any problem or doubt in the game, you must ask about it and clear your doubts. You should not touch the cards while playing the banking game. And when the bets are made, there is no chance of putting your hands of chips. You must always give the tip the dealer and when you lose or win the game, you must not lose your emotions out.

What is best for me to visit the casino to win the Blackjack game?

The best time to go to play the Blackjack is the Saturday night after 2 am as the ball at that time loses its momentum on the desired number as said by some astrologers. There is no scientific reason behind it but can make you a lucky guy in the world of gambling and you win a lot of money in the game. You should not go to the casino on weekdays and especially in the morning time.

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