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Top things I learnt about poker in June 2020

Here’s what I have found out about pokerace99 for the last couple weeks. Meet some of the latest, June 2020 trends in the field of internet poker providers and uses.

I fully understand your hesitations about the point of such a discussion. But you need to hear something – June was a very significant month for the industry due to many years. The quarantine time was over and the summer season opened. And these things, by all means, have changed my attitude and understanding about poker. Plus – I am not a novice in the field, I’ve been playing poker for years and you should definitely rely on my expertise.

So, please, don’t hesitate to read my list with some significant things I learnt about poker in June 2020 year:

  1. No quarantine can stop poker lovers enjoy their favorite games. Indeed, during the Covid-19 breakout we were deprived of visiting authentic casino rooms (unfortunately, some people still are). However, thanks to websites like pokerace99 people from any country and at any time within the day can play safely all types of poker games.
  2. Video poker games made a huge number of traditional slot players to become the new poker lovers. As you know very video poker games are hybrids between a slot machine and the atmosphere of a real poker room. Being combined in one gameplay and accompanied by great payout rates, as well as amazing jackpots, video poker games have been definitely making a huge breakthrough.
  3. Summer poker bonuses are the hottest. It’s been a month since I’ve been receiving bonuses for existing customers from my reliable poker providers and specifically due to the opening of the summer season. Although I thought summer promos are more typical for ground casinos, the online operators have changed my mind in a totally positive way.
  4. A summer vacation is now possible with the entire family when you have your most beloved hobby – poker – in your pocket. In other words, June has been recorded as one of the most active months when it comes to mobile poker playing. About 45% of today’s big and trustworthy poker houses with a mobile version claim to witness a drastic rise of apk downloads. But poker fans are not forced on mandatory to play via a mobile app. Millions of mobile users enjoy good mobile browser poker versions, too.
  5. Some poker players decided to diversify their activity, which has been increased for the last couple of months due to the home isolation, with some sport bets. Basically, I explain such a tendency with the return of sports world in the digital betting operators that made tons of companies to celebrate it with great promos, better services and other amazing surprises. Well, you should take a look at them, too.

What about you? Did you notice any difference in the online poker world for the last month? Please, share, it would be interesting for me to find out about your personal opinion.

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