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Here’s why poker has the biggest impact in today’s gambling industry changes

Find out why we thing that poker and pokerlounge99 games are the core of today’s gambling world. See why this legendary card game has made it possible for online casinos to become so popular fast and why online players are so many these days.

It was about ten years ago when we started feeling that gambling isn’t going to be the same again. Of course, it’s the internet that made this huge change for the average casino lover. However, the tech innovation creators and the talented developers are definitely not the only one to blame for the sudden and quick face modification of the gambling industry.

Believe it or not, but as a matter of fact, poker has its big role, too. In comparison to any other casino game – popular or not – poker is the only one that has registered actual and concrete impact on the gambling revolution that has been taking place since the beginning of the new century.

Here’s why we don’t just think so, but are confident about:

  1. Online poker is actually the power that has driven to the popularity of all online alternatives to the rest classical casino games we know from past and from the ground casinos. If you think that the slots – the top played and preferred gambling products we choose in the internet now – are those that made online gambling so significant and famous, you are wrong. Poker is the first key online player in the world of gambling. There’s even a dispute about who’s the first: poker or sport betting in the internet?
  2. Poker is the father of the traditional casino bonuses. It was long time ago when the first welcome promos hit the market. And apart from being related with the registration of a new pokerlounge99 account, the poker bonus has also become the prototype of the entire casino bonus system conception. Within the time the biggest gambling operators understood that many of their competitors beat them up by offering more bonuses, including for games that are different from poker.
  3. Online poker made a lot of people to believe that gambling isn’t something tough or impossible to engage with. The thing is that the first online gamblers were the ex-poker gurus in the sphere. These are the guys who “promoted” organically the idea of playing poker, aka gambling from any point and at any time. In other words, they promoted the idea that literally everyone can do it. However, till this promotion has found its target audience, the online casinos advanced so much that this same new gambling audience started to be welcomed with quite easier games like slots, roulette and many more.

Poker is not just king of gambling. It’s a tiny mechanism the gambling marker cannot work if losing it. And it seems that all of these will never change.

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