10 poker losers

10 poker losers speak of their worst 10 mistakes

A couple of poker losers shared with us their worst mistakes in judi idn poker platform. When you read these common poker wrong approaches you might find your reason why you are not as successful as you want to be.

Making mistakes in poker – like in everything else in gambling or in life – is not a thing we should worry about so much. Mistakes have their positive sides. The thing is that we should use the approach into reaching this positive core.

Unfortunately, not all the players are possible to get lessons from their poker mistakes. Sometimes, it might get worst – the poker lover does not even understand he or she makes something wrong while playing.

This material is dedicated to poker mistakes. But we will not require from you to think about your mistakes or to analyze them. Instead, we offer you the final conclusions some of the worst poker losers have had after being pointed out why they are not that successful.

We have talked to 10 poker losers and they have shares with us the following 10 mistakes they all did and they don’t want you to do:

  1. Letting ego beating the good judgment in your poker performance. Ego as a whole might be a person’s worst enemy. In poker, it blurs the objective perception of what actually happens at the table. Eventually, you become no longer possible to make the right decision
  2. Using low-quality services for poker games. Invest a day or two in researching the best judi idn poker platforms. Don’t start playing poker games before you discover the right place to do so.
  3. Excusing yourself for not thinking about the opponent’s strategy with the suggestion he or she’s bluffing. Not everyone bluffs, by the way – remember that!
  4. Overrating safety in poker games. There are moments when nothing else will work better than aggressive attack – especially if you believe in your dominating hand.
  5. Sticking to a strategy without considering it through the changes at the table. Poker is about making the right decision in the right moment.
  6. Not even trying to bluff. The attempts might not be always successful. However, if you practice your bluffing skill in a free mode, there’s a possibility for you to become at least an average poker bluffer.
  7. Hitting the all in button too often. To tell you the truth, even the biggest experts in poker don’t afford such a mistake.
  8. Not following even a simple bankroll management system. If you don’t have one, eventually, especially when you will start making more money from poker games you will need one. You will figure it out how much money you have lost due to no budget management system for your gambling activity.
  9. Being sure you will lose is not the motivation you should start a cash game, a poker tournament or even a hand. When you think about the loss, your brain starts working for the loss.
  10. Last but not least, keeping the emotions under control is an essential ability every poker player should develop!

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