Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips: The facts and The Myths.


Football is the most popular game on the planet. It has a huge fan base. Most of the fans invest their precious money into football betting to make some large profits. Many websites and blogs offer you betting tips. These tips range from the selection of bookmakers to the selection of odds. Not all bloggers are football experts. They pen down their opinion based on the process, the statistics, and other articles and blogs. You may wonder what tips to follow among these unlimited free articles, blogs, and suggestions. 

Here are a few myths about football betting.


The first and most common myth is that all sports betting is Spot-fixing. Spot-fixing is a crime and has very little to do with football betting. Football betting is like any other gambling. You wager an amount for fixed odds. You get back the multiplied sum if you win, else you lose the amount. Football betting is a game, not a crime.

The bookmakers’ cheat is another myth. Strict laws governing the bookmaking policies have been in place since 2006. There is no scope for foul play from the bookmaker’s end. Laws Protecting user privacy have curbed foul play. Online Sports betting is a safer activity than it was back in the day.

Bookmakers can’t be beaten. Very often, we hear this statement. Yes, bookmakers have a specific advantage. You can beat them if you follow a dedicated procedure. It needs a lot of effort and expertise, but it is plausible. You need to focus on your game.

Expert predictions are always accurate. No, they are not always true. Most of them give out their opinions and guesses rather than fact-based analysis. Do your analysis and decide on your bet. It is good to listen to their prediction to improve your prediction.

Stats and trends are everything.  Yes, stats and trends are highly valuable for a good predictor, but they are not everything. A match’s outcome depends on many factors. Stats and trends can show the most likely outcome, but they are not everything.


Most Football bettors lose. It is a 100% fact. It doesn’t mean they lose all the wagers, but it means they are in a losing position. We cannot argue upon this because football bettors don’t earn as much as they lose. 

Bookmakers’ have an advantage over gamblers. Yes, they do have an advantage in the numbers. It is to ensure their profits and long-running. They are very skilled at what they do. They decide upon the odds, which gives them an advantage. They are good at playing with numbers.

Smart bettors win. Even though our first fact says that most of them lose, some of them win. You need to have the skill, patience, and intuition to win. Smart betting means you follow the lengthy, odd procedures to conclude. It involves years of hard work and experience. Getting smarter every time you play is the proven way to win football betting.

Closing Thoughts:

Though most of the bettors lose, you can win. I hope we busted your myths and improved your knowledge of football betting. The facts are harsh. Most of them don’t win, but most are not all. Here’s a bookmaker for you. W88 is a great bookmaker for beginners and veterans alike. Be sure to check it out.

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