casino myths of all times

The most common casino myths of all times

Here are the most popular myths about gambling in Check out what so many players still believe in, but they shouldn’t when it comes to casinos.

Playing casino games has become an accessible, ordinary and even an everyday think we all can practice. Although the offline casinos are currently closed in a lot of countries, online gambling operators have been working at a full value and 24/7 these days, just like before, by the way. And despite of the fact casinos are so close and common there are still weird myths about them going about.

Today, we are going to talk about the most common casino myths of all times. We are sharing you the myths that, by the way, have been still out there and we truly hope, we’ll be able to debunk them once and for all.

  1. No matter what casino game you choose, it’s rigged. A lot of players used to think that back in those days, when gambling was possible only in a ground casino. Nowadays, when there’s possibility to play awesome gambling products in there are even more people, who believe in this lie. Absolutely nowhere the betting house is actually possible to deceive so many players and yet, wait for even more customers to join their rooms or platforms in future.
  2. All payout rates are equal. Some punters still live in the lie that the RTP percentages are literal and all casino houses point the same numbers. Usually, this myth is related with the average 95% RTP. Indeed, in the industry, this payout ratio is considered to be an average one, a standard the gambling operator shouldn’t go under. However, it’s a principle a lot of casinos can (they have the right to) deduct, while other companies increase it aiming to attract more players.
  3. The more time you spend in gambling, the more you are going to win. Ok, can this myth then be an explanation in so many cases, when a player becomes a millionaire from the very first spin at a slot machine or just by one poker session in a ground casino?
  4. The casino dealers are totally capable of changing the move of the game. The dealers, remember this, guys, are the company’s employees. They do not appear in the betting house’s chief management team. They only serve the players. If they are kind and polite, they might even help you in explaining you some details about Blackjack or other card game.
  5. There’s no possibility for you to count the cards in Blackjack. Some people even think that you can go to jail if you are being caught. A lot of players have been still counting the cards. However, the jails are not full of gamblers like these. Actually, the jails are not full of gamblers at all, because gambling in most of the regions on the planet are nowadays regulated and totally legal.

Do you still believe in these myths? Well, thankfully, we have finally debunked them!

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