Record-breaking numbers for gambling industry during the quarantine

Here are some interesting figures and facts about lapak303 and gambling lockdown period. Check out what happened with online casinos during the quarantine.

Online gambling is definitely one of the few winning industries of the Covid-19 lockdown period. A lot of internet poker and slot providers have been shocked to release reports with record-breaking numbers, especially if comparing them to those of the same period during the previous 2019th year. These days, we keep learning about the growth of poker providers and gambling companies that operate in the internet. And we are sure that even when the lockdown ends the industry will still keep some of the profits she made…

To make it even clearer for you we have prepared a couple of conclusions that the international gambling market has come with for the last three months and in a relation with the quarantine time. These are definitely records that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t the people’s responsible actions to remain at home, to remain safe and keep the rest people safe. By all means, these actions also kept the gambling industry safe while a lot of markets registered huge collapses.

  • About 70% of the newly released lapak303 websites registered twice more active users for their first month in comparison to the average gambling debut made before the lockdown. What does this mean? Basically, it means that the punters did not only play more. They also tried more new things. Instead of playing only in the well-known poker websites, they diversified their experience with debuting playing platforms. And it’s definitely a huge and great thing.
  • The rise of the active gambling audience per an online casino is with nearly 43%. This is a huge number. Have in mind that within a whole year even the best internet casinos make it possible to increase the number of the officially registered customers with up to 23%.
  • A lot of the most popular internet poker tournaments have been attended by quite more people than ever before. Some of the poker houses even claim that a lot of first-time players signed up for the tournaments mainly to feel the thrill of playing real money poker game with other, real people.
  • The average deposit amount per month and per one average player has exceeded with up to 10%. This is a very significant number to have in mind. The average players are actually those who have very strict rules in their poker bankroll management systems and they don’t tend to go outside of their limits. However, all of these mean that these same players succeeded in earning more money during the quarantine period, which is why they could afford to deposit more.

What about you? Did you succeed in achieving any personal gambling or poker record during the quarantine period? Even if not, you still have the entire time of your life to do so! And we definitely wish you a lot of luck!

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