early poker days

Top answers why you suck in your early poker days

These mistakes might be the worst reasons for your poor game after in situs idn poker. See some bad practices many beginners in the field keep doing.

Ok, after a thorough research of the market you have finally found a decent, reliable and secured licensed situs idn poker to register in. You have learnt the basic rules of the games by heart and you might also claim to have a solid strategy for your beginner’s first steps into the field. Hence, you’ve been still asking why the heck you suck in poker that much?

In your early online poker days it is totally normal to be not as good as you might have though you are going to be. However, the lack of experience is not the only reason why you are not that good. These are the top reasons that determine your failure in your first poker games in the internet, guys:

  1. When you feel tilt, what do you do? Do you continue playing? Well, that’s the top reason why you are still such a poor poker player. When being tilted, the only adequate reaction for you is to quit. Quitting has nothing to do with closing your account or having a break. It is just a logout procedure for the day. Nothing more.
  2. There’s nothing human in your game as you are playing like a robot. Playing a robot could mean two things. First, you might take the benefits of the automatic poker software products. And second, you might have learnt some poker tactics and apply them one by one without even thinking whether they are adequate in the specific situation. Well, guys, both of these approaches are totally wrong.
  3. Meanwhile, you might be also too fast. A lot of the experts in the field of online poker games (and all card games, by the way) say that the speed of your actions and reactions at the table are the signs that hint your opponent what you have in your hand. Due to this notification the beginners in the field prefer to always rush rather than stop and have their time to consider the most logical decision.
  4. Forgetting about the bonuses in the website is a very bad thing you can do. Although every beginner is usually very excited about receiving some gifts for his or her initiative in the gambling sphere, there are some enthusiastic poker players who don’t give a damn about promos and prefer not to lose time in such offers. Actually, not using your bonuses is a loss of money.

Now you understand why you are not as good poker player as you want to be. Of course, as a beginner you need quite more to experience to advance, but why being such a poor starting player when there’s an option to act smartly since the beginning of your initiative?

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